Bud Light ‘Mixx Tail’ Beverage Review
I'm not sure who Bud Light is trying to target with their latest creation, the series of 'Mixx Tail' beverages.  Is it for the young party goer that enjoys having a pitcher of long islands at the club?  (Like Grandmas Sport's Garden serves?)  Or is it for the lazy cocktail person who wants a long is…
4 Reasons You Should Be Watching “The Slap”
I usually don't even try watching new TV shows anymore because inevitably they get cancelled before they get a chance to grow an audience.  Last night, I couldn't find the remote control, so I ended up watching "The Slap" on NBC.  I originally was mildly interes…
Our New Favorite Oreo: Red Velvet!
Today our friend Joe stopped by and dropped off some product for us to try.  Red Velvet Oreos!  This is the first I've heard of them.  How would they taste?  FANTASTIC!
‘Better Call Saul’ is Better Than Expected
A lot of fans were worried that 'Better Call Saul' would taint Breaking Bad's legacy as one of the best shows ever.  Critics were worried it would be a cheap sell out prequel.  After the premiere Sunday, much of those fears were calmed.  Now after the second episode, th…

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