Last night ABC debuted the pilot episode of Pan Am.  From what I can tell from the first episode, it mostly follows the beautiful flight attendants that were the face of Pan Am back in the 1960's, with obviously some historical tie ins.  Namely- the cold war.

The first half of the show was pretty slow.  There's a lot of set-up, as you often get in a drama series when it first begins.  Towards the end, after you get caught up on who these characters are, it begins to pick up speed and grab your interest.

It wouldn't be an accurate 1960's show without people smoking everywhere.  Nowadays you can't even smoke in a park, but here people are puffing away at 35,000 feet.  Also, there was a little sexual harassment towards the flight attendants.  I'm guessing there was a lot more back in the day then the show is depicting.  Of course, you don't want to turn away your female viewers in the first week.

I give the pilot episode of Pan Am a solid B.  I'll tune in next week to see what happens, and that's ABC's plan.