I've become a fan of the ABC show "Nashville."  It's one of the best dramas on TV and has some pretty good music as well.  For the first couple of weeks, a few of the characters seemed awful familiar.  Here's where you may have seen them.

Deacon played by Chip Esten was on "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

Yep, back when Drew Carey was chubby and the improv show was on top, Chip was a regular.  He's a pretty funny guy, who would have thought he could sing?

He also played Josh on "The Office" in Season 3.

Rayna's Dad Lamar Wyatt played by Powers Boothe was the bad guy from "Tombstone."

He sure knows how to play the bad guy.  Here's a much younger version in the Kurt Russell movie "Tombstone."  He was the leader of the cowboys.  He's the one in red.

Juliette Barnes played by Hayden Paniettere was the little girl in "Remember The Titans."  We all know her from her most recent roles, like on heroes.  But way back in 1999 she was just a little girl.  Kind of weird seeing her sleeze up Nashville now, isn't it?  Look for her 35 seconds in.