I think we've all been to a place that sells items in bulk and have walked out thinking, "Did I really need 42 pounds of green olives?".  So the question is, when is buying in bulk the way to go?  This list should help you and save you money in the long run.  Here are 10 things you should absolutely consider buying in bulk.


1. Toilet Paper

We all need toilet paper. So why not buy it in bulk? Buying in bulk can be up to 50 percent cheaper than just buying a few rolls at a time. So find a place to store some extra (try under your bed if you run out of cupboard space in the bathroom) and save yourself a few bucks.

2. Soap and Shampoo

Soap and shampoo are two more things everyone needs. Buying these items in bulk saves a few cents an ounce on shampoo or per bar of soap. While this may not seem like very much, over time it definitely adds up.

3. Alcohol

Would you rather pay $8 for a 6-pack or $14 for 20-pack? Definitely go with the 20-pack so you can save some money and don’t have to hit up the grocery store the next time you want a beer (and also save money on gas because you will be making fewer trips to the store).

4. Office Supplies

Next time you need office supplies such as pens, folders, or staples, be sure to buy them in bulk. Doing this can save you up to 50 percent off the price you would have paid if you didn’t buy in bulk.

5. Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

If you practice good dental hygiene, you purchase toothbrushes and toothpaste every so often. So why not buy in bulk and save some money? You could either buy two toothbrushes for $8 or six for $14. Similarly, you could buy a tube of toothpaste for $5 or get three for $10.

6. Vitamins

Spending money in the name of health is always a good idea. You can save a few cents per pill by buying in bulk. Again, this may not seem like very much, but over time the savings add up.

See the rest of the list via 10 Things You Should Always Buy in Bulk - My Money (usnews.com).