Luke Bryan had one of the biggest upsets at the ACM Awards, when he won the Entertainer of the year. Ask other singers, they will say he deserves the award. Ask him, and he will say he hasn't sold as many albums, been out as much, have his own show, or is a household name.

The thing is, he is a household name now. So, when someone like him finally makes it to the top of the mountain, you expect him to start selling shoes, clothing, food, or services on tv. The thing WON'T see Luke Bryan doing that.

Luke's approach to business has been, turn down everything until you feel you are worthy of it. It's not the most conventional way, but it's been working well for Luke. He turned down the ACM awards untill be felt he was ready and that his credentials spoke for him to be that guy.

He has been turning down TV specials and other things. He said, what sells his albums is touring and live dates.

Luke tells OMG!Yahoo! "I'm getting really, really amazing TV opportunities where it's quite lucrative financially and it would have been stuff in different public spotlights," Bryan said. "I can't believe I'm turning them down, but when I huddle up with my core group of people and think about it, I think it's neat to just handle the headlining right now. I don't think I'm savvy enough as a headliner to start taking it for granted."

Seems like the right moves for me, and for him. Smart people stick around long, it doesn't hurt that all the women find him hot either....