Whether you like candy canes or not, chances are you a few of them in your home, at least through the holidays.  They ARE very versatile.  You can eat em', decorate with em', use em' in baking and they are a huge reason why the front of the Candyland game box looks so interesting.  Ever wonder where they got their start, or why they are striped?

While the candy cane is a seasonal staple in the U.S. today—1.8 billion canes in traditional peppermint, super sour, and tropical fruit flavors were made for the holidays this year—it has a storied past. The first canes were created in 1670 by a German choirmaster, who gave out all-white sugar sticks—bent like the shape of a shepherd's staff—to keep children in his congregation occupied between hymns. In the U.S., the treat began as a straight, white stick of sugar until the turn of the century.

Oh, and the jury's out on who exactly brought the stripes and shape to America.  :)

Info via:  msn.com