This amendment would only impact this year.  It is now in the hands of Governor Mark Dayton to sign.  Proponents of the bill say that it avoids a Mother's Day conflict with the Minnesota opener and it takes advantage of the warmer weather the state has experienced lately.  Opposition comes primarily from resort owners who say this short notice is causing them stress in preparation and meeting customers needs.

What do you think?  Do you support having the Minnesota opener moved up a week this year or do think the state should leave things as they are?


Sen. Tom Bakk (D – Cook) and Rep. David Dill (D-Crane Lake) are proposing an amendment to move up the opening weekend of the 2012 fishing season by one week.

Dill says the weather is making for perfection conditions for the change this year.

“And the walleye have moved from their spawning habitat, the rivers have slowed down already and the temperatures been incredible, so why not let people go out and fish,” Dill said.

Dill says the official Governor’s Opener would remain. He said some resort owners object to the move because they are not ready.

“I’m not proposing this for resorts,” Dill said. “I’m proposing this for mom and dad and for kids and for people who want to get out into the great outdoors a week early. And we have a unique opportunity. And this is only for one year because we don’t know what next year will bring.”

via A Push For An Early Minnesota Fishing Opener « CBS Minnesota.