My husband and I have been season ticket holders of the Minnesota Vikings for years and there have always been rules.  After 9-11 things obviously changed drastically, now there are more changes because of the Boston Bombings.  One change in particular has women upset, but what people need to remember is that the extra steps are being taken to ensure our safety.  Honestly, unless you have circumstances that require you to carry something with you, can't you be without your purse for four hours?  Maybe use your pockets?

The video below is meant to poke fun at the new NFL Purse Rule, but there ARE some people that are truly upset about the new NFL Purse Rule.  I'm certain that having to set up an area to take purses, keep purses during the game and deal with the purse getting back to the rightful owner, not to mention staffing the area has got to be a huge pain for the NFL.  In other words, it's made more work for them and again, they are concerned for our safety.  They aren't trying to make life difficult for us. That's just my take.

There were long lines at the pre-season games because most women were unaware of the no-purses policy, then rage, then surrender their purses to be checked in, then long lines after the game as they wait to reclaim their purses. Instead, the NFL wants us to use clear bags, but I really don't want people seeing that I carry totally useless stuff!  Heck, I have one, ONE, glove from winter in my purse right now.  Expired coupons, gum with lint on it that I will never chew.  Half a dozen smashed granola bars and probably 13 tubes of either lip gloss or lip stick....I can probably (probably, mind you), do without all that stuff during the game.

So, the new rules limit the size, and type of bags brought into stadiums -- while offering alternatives so fans can still have personal effects. Large bags are limited to see-through plastic, which small clutch purses are only allowed if they're roughly the size of a hand.  Standard large bags are no longer permitted. Fans can purchase a clear plastic tote bag from either the team store at the stadium, or through the NFL Shop website. Those who elect not to buy a tote will have the option to bring their own, provided it's clear plastic or PVC and does not exceed 12" x 6" x 12."

A second alternative is offered for fans to bring a gallon-sized clear resealable bag. The only non-clear bags permitted will be small clutch-type handbags, roughly the size of a hand, that do not exceed 4.5" x 6.5."

While these bags listed are allowed, the NFL strongly suggests fans refrain from bringing them to the stadium to expedite queue lines at games. Additional exceptions can be made for fans with extenuating medical circumstances, and are subject to additional checks at stadium gates.