Country Music has changed a lot in the past few years. Some good and some bad. I don't like people that just say, "I don't like all that twangy stuff, I don't need to cry in my beer". Well, it turns out there is less twangy music being made and it's making some country stars angry.

Vince Gill said:

"I would love to hear someone write a song like 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' rather than 'You're hot, I'm hot, we're in a truck.' It's just mind-numbing to me."

Merle Haggard isn't happy either, he said:

"Individuality still was in play. Radio stations got their request from a local audience. It sure changed music when you couldn't call the radio station and say, 'Can we please hear so and so?"

Gary Allan says to the Duluth News-Tribune:

"Country's changed because of monsters like Clear Channel who bought up all the [radio] stations and sliced them up into formats. Our demographic is now the soccer mom. Willie, Waylon, they didn't give a [expletive] about soccer moms, and I don't either."

Eric Church begs to differ:

"It's my job to pick up the flag and take it somewhere it hasn't been. So, this song was a little bit tongue-in-cheek of my disagreeing with his inference that we had to make music sound like it was 1974. The evolution of music is good. You pay homage to who got you there, and then you take it somewhere else."

Miranda Lambert says she likes that there are different types of Country, like Taylor Swift:

'Thank God Taylor's out there to show people we're not cheesy.' Some people still think that country music is twangy and cheesy, and they pigeonhole us. But I thought if they're looking for Taylor's videos or songs, they might see or hear other people they like. If her fans are watching for her, they might like me too."

Personally, I like it all, and some people could say that about pop music too. It's gone different directions too. I think it's all good. Good music is good music.