WARNING SPOILER ALERT.  Not for episode 514, but if you're not caught up yet then don't read this.  I have no clue what's going to happen this Sunday, but I can speculate, and I've got some ideas!

So where we left it was a gunfight that was producing a lot of shells, but no actual hitting.  DISCLAIMER:  I absolutely love this show..   HOWEVER.  Seriously nobody could hit anybody within the first 2 seconds.   How improbable is that.   Hank was half dead and had one bullet and he was able to take out that bald brother dude.   Not to mention Gomez has a shotgun and just pointing it in the general direction of Todd's people would have been sure to at least wound someone.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest... somebody is going to get hit.    But who?

I'm thinking things don't look good for Gomez.  With him out of the picture, it complicates things for Hank because now he has no one to confide in against Walt's Confession video.

It'll take a miracle for Jesse to get out of this alive.  He's the main target in all of this at the beginning.  I'd really hate to see Jesse die, but how else are they going to get him out of this scene?

It's too early for Hank to die.   Hank has to see this play out, doesn't he?  Someone has to get the ball rolling for the DEA, because we've seen Walt's house seized as police evidence at the beginning of the first episode.

So here's my prediction.  Todd's Uncle will lose a couple of guys.   Gomez will be shot and killed.   Jesse is the wildcard.   Hank will somehow survive, maybe by reaching a deal or taking Walt hostage.

Then to go even further.  At this point I think Walt will start to cook for Todd's uncle like he promised, but his uncle won't want to let him go.   Then he'll start threatening Walt's family, and then that's when walt eventually will get the big gun and go after them.

Maybe?  I don't freaking know.  That's what I love about this show!