Unfortunately, this is a hot topic in the city of Duluth.  Many people post comments about it on facebook, comments are made, but do those thoughts, ideas and suggestions ever get to the people that can do something about it?  Here is your/our chance to be HEARD!

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson will conduct a public hearing here in Duluth tomorrow Friday, June 7,  to discuss public policy relating to synthetic drugs. Residents are welcome to attend and invited to participate in the hearing. Anyone who wishes to offertestimony should contact John Howe in the Attorney General’s Office at john.howe@ag.state.mn.us or (800) 657-3787.

Members of the State Committee on Controlled Substances and Synthetic Drugs will also be on hand to listen to testimony and gain a better understanding of the increasing public health epidemic. The newly formed committee, chaired by State Rep. Erik Simonson of Duluth (DFL), has been tasked with examining the issue of drug abuse and recommending policies to combat the sale of synthetic drugs.

The meeting will kick off at 2p at the Sheraton Hotel, 301 East Superior Street, Duluth.

For more information, please contact Community Relations Officer Daniel Fanning at (218) 730-5307 or dfanning@duluthmn.gov.