For those of you wondering if Brett will come back, maybe. After watching his first time on TV he may want to un-retire and make another come back. Ok, I'm being tough on the old guy, he wasn't bad, the part that made me laugh was every time he talks his face turns red.

Here's why some people can be great at something and that's it. Wayne Gretzky, my idol, is the greatest hockey player ever, but not a good coach, not a good administrator, and doesn't seem to be able to teach his kids. His oldest is a top football prospect. I'm not faulting him, or picking on him. He probably wouldn't be good on tv either. I still think he is the greatest and is a gentleman, which there are few of.

Anyway, back to Favre......Enjoy!

On Saturday, the three-time NFL MVP and former Southern Miss record-setting quarterback, made his broadcasting debut as the color analyst for the Southern Miss-Rice game and, according to reports, it was a little choppy.

Credit Favre, he notes his nervousness in the open as he tries to get through questions asked by broadcasting partner Mike Morgan, and he looks the part. There are some awkward pauses as he tries to think of what to say and some poor grammar - "... running the spread offense as much of the teams in this conference do."

Unfortunately, there's no video from the rest of the broadcast, but Rick Limpert, a fan who was watching the game, tweeted out some great Favreism gems, and for that, we thank him.