This Governor guy just keeps getting weirder, doesn't he?  He did say last episode about how his wife was killed in a car accident before the end of the world started, and now it was just him and his daughter.  What he didn't tell us was his daughter is a walker.  Gross!So do you think he's got the old Hershel's "we may be able to cure them" mentality, or do you think he's just a nutcase.  OK, well we know he's a nutcase but really?  He's going to keep his decaying daughter around in a straight jacket with a hood?  Yikes.

Michonne and Andrea split and the Governor is playing Andrea like a fiddle-  Not to mention the ever growing pyscho beneath romance that's blooming.  Poor Andrea.  I can't wait til he has her over for dinner to meet the daughter.  Becoming a step parent is tough enough without the kid being a zombie.

Back at the prison, Rick has lost his mind.  He runs in with an axe and begins chopping wood or I mean splitting walkers heads with the same efficiency.  Glen goes in after him and knows that Rick isn't coming back, after Rick gets physical with him.  Rick eventually made it to the place where Lori died, and he finds a bloated walker that obviously just ate her remains.   That's just sick man.  As he lies there in shock, the phone rings.  He answers and says, "Hello?"  EPISODE OVER.

Son of a....  So who's on the other end?  My guess is he's hallucinating.  He's already in a state of shock and craziness.  My guess is the conversation will be all his imagination, but somehow will pull him back into the game.  Who would know the phone number to that room?  That's all I can figure.

All in all, this episode had enough interesting things to keep you hooked.  Tough to follow up last week's episode and have this weeks not seem a little slow.  Nice job with the zombie fight club too, Governor.

And one more thing.  What's Milton's experiment that he's planning?  He's going to need a lot of power, but for what?  It's got to be some kind of experiment with a walker.  Maybe he's going to try and spark back the rest of the neuro-activity in a walker?

That would make an interesting twist...