Crossfit has proven to be the most effective way to meet any fitness and health goals you may have.  It is for anyone and everyone!  Simply put, it is the “sport of fitness”.

Motto: “Real people, unreal results”

Founded: 2000

Led by: Chris Fournie and Mary Bombardier

Why They’re Unique:

The founders know that intense exercise and healthy eating are the “fountain of youth” and key for longevity and they will be throwing kettlebells around and doing burpees well into their 90’s! They are 100% committed to assisting their members to reach  their goals with support, motivation, friendly atmosphere with great classes and always keeping up with and sharing the latest information in the field of fitness and nutrition. They are so passionate about good nutrition they raise their own pasture fed beef and have over 30 laying hens at their hobby farm in Wisconsin.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:

What is Crossfit?

Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.

Am I in good enough shape for Crossfit?

Crossfit is customized to fit your fitness level and is for everyone!

How do I get started?

Crossfit offers On ramp classes – you can join at anytime.

Is Crossfit right for me?

Crossfit is for everyone and anyone. It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, CrossFit will help you achieve them quickly. By executing a variety of compound functional movements at a high intensity you will improve in all aspects of fitness. From the Elite track and field athlete to a 65 year old woman.

Meet The Expert

Chris Fournie is the owner of Progressive Martial Arts & Fitness for 13 + years

  • •CrossFit Level 1 Certified •
  • Russian Kettlebell RKC, Level II certified instructor for over 6 years •
  • Over 30 years Martial Arts experience specializing in real world self defense and fighting skills Black Belts in Karate/Kickboxing and Arnis
  • Conducted numerous security and self defense seminars
  •  Over 27 years experience teaching Women’s Self Defense
  • Numerous security and body guard certifications
  • Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • American Council on Martial Arts certified instructor
  • Kid Safe™ certified instructor

Mary Bombardier, owner

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 25 + years experience
  • Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor •Studied Exercise Science at University of Mn, Duluth

PMA CrossFit Twin Ports boasts 6,000 square feet  of space including 2 large workout rooms, upstairs mezzanine for warm up, cool down and stretching, three full bathrooms with showers and one half bath, a large lobby with kitchen and retail area. And this is just the space! Wait until you meet our instructors and members!


I started coming to PMA CrossFit Twin Ports already addicted to RKC-style kettlebells, with a short history of CrossFit out of state. I did exclusively kettlebell classes with trainers Jessica and Kelly for 3 months before CrossFitting at this gym. Jessica and Kelly are great instructors and are extremely helpful and motivating during each workout. I transitioned from kettlebell to CrossFit WODs 4 months ago with trainers Chris, Mary, and Michael. They are excellent instructors who have all helped me reach PRs while pushing me to set new goals for myself along the way. The ‘regulars’ in class have been great to work out with, and everyone is extremely friendly! Check out this gym!!!

–Laura C (Hermantown, MN)

  • Crossfit offers accountability, encouragement, motivation and support with no judgment. Crossfit is a Healthy lifestyle change.
  • Nutrition -Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body and vital for maximizing your workouts and recovery.

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