It was an absolutely perfect time for the Cloquet Artisan's to show their recycled creativity.  B105 has had a heightened awareness of being environmentally friendly with our GO GREEN SPECTACULAR.  As I wandered through the talented Art Vendors in the Cloquet Armory, I had several jaw dropping moments.  For instance, just guess what the plastic bag holders in this picture are made of.....just guess!




VCR TAPES!!!  Old VCR tapes that Laurie from "Imagination Creations, Recycled and Repurposed" in Washburn, WI,  pulled out of VCR's she had laying around and "knitted/crocheted"?  Now that takes imagination!

I saw beautiful serving trays made with broken glass.  Clocks made with eco-friendly recycled parts from  Sheila Olmstead  of "Cheetah Clocks", absolutely darling!

I'm glad there are other creative people on this earth.  When I see a pile of garbage, they see treasures and "green". I'm not talking money, selling their wares, they see a way to recycle and reuse and Go Green!