It's been a tragic year for the Bayfield, Wisconsin area this winter.  Less than a month ago professional angler Jim Hudson died after his snowmobile broke through the ice.  Now it has been confirmed that two more men have died near Madeline island after their snowmobile went through the ice Wednesday night.  Also the ice road between Bayfield and Madeline Island has had its share of complications this season.

Such a tragic loss for people in the community.  A safety tip to live by when you are on the ice is to always carry safety picks with you on your body.  The biggest problem when people fall through the ice is that they can't grip the ice with their hands to pull themselves out.  Carrying floatable ice picks around your neck can be easily accessed and you can spike them into the ice to get some leverage and pull yourself back out.  You have a short time before you lose the use of your body strength in frigid water.  If you're ice picks are on the snowmobile, they probably won't do you any good, if the sled is submerged.

According to the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce website, the ice road is open between Bayfield and Madeline Island now.  You can also check the Bayfield Inn Webcam to see what conditions are like on the ice road.