Do you have a passion for fashion, or is your closet filled with T-shirts, sweat pants and flip flops?  According to fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo, there are five essentials that you should have in your closet at all times.  Let's see if I do.....

First, a white button-down the front shirt.  Plain, simple, yet classic.  Check, I have a few, but never wear them, unless they're under a jacket.

Second, something lacy and sexy.  Ok, use to, they're probably STILL in my closet, buried and dry left me a long time ago and I don't think you should look to me to... "bring it back".

Third, a classic cardigan.  Now that I have, in a few different colors.  But, not because I'm fashionable....because I'm cold all the time!

Fourth, that LBD, Little Black Dress.  Yup, got several, some that never see the light of day and a couple I rotate.  I like LBD's...can usually never go wrong with one, so get one that's comfy and you're good to roll.

I agree with Carmen Marc Valco's suggestion of the fifth must-have.  Accessories!!  Less is more when it comes to jewerly, but can NEVER have too many pairs of shoes, EVER!!!!

So, what's the verdict, do you have a closet like mine?  Or are you more passionate about your fashion?