Let me ask you this. If you were to tell me you were going to a Packers or Vikings football game, would you bring beverages with you to tail gate with? What would those beverages be? Yes, BEER!! So Tom Brady the New England quarterback mentioned people should get to the game early and drink a few, we knew what he meant. We don't drink no stinkin' water, we drink BEER!!

Well, Tommy Boy got in trouble and the Patriots are saying he meant drink water when he said "lube up". Yep, because it's gonna be a squelching hot 65 degrees. Enough to make anyone pass out with heat exhaustion.  We are not stupid, no self respecting football fan is going to sue, they were going to do it anyway. Here's the story.

When asked at a Wednesday press conference about the notoriously quiet crowd at Gillette Stadium, Tom Brady(notes) issued a tongue-in-cheek message to fans who will be in attendance at this weekend's home opener:

"Yeah, start drinking early. [...] Get nice and rowdy. 4:15 game, lot of time to get lubed up. Come out here, and cheer for the home team."

In other words, Brady was telling thousands of people to do exactly what they've been planning on doing for months: go to the Patriots home opener, drink some alcoholic beverages in the parking lot and then go inside to cheer the team. This was an apparent no-no, as the Patriots later issued a statement censoring clarifying Brady's comments. "He meant 'stay hydrated, drink a lot of water,'" the team said unconvincingly.

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