Last night was the best episode of The Walking Dead in a very long time.  I'd put it right up there with the best episodes of the series.  It was a culmination of plot lines of the entire season, that brought us to a major cliffhanger.

And it was nice to see Hershel again, if only in a flashback.   Let's just highlight the best parts:

Rick taking down the gang was AWESOME!  When we think he's going to head butt Joe, he actually sinks his teeth in and pulls a "walker" move and kills him by biting open his carotid artery.  Awesome.   Then they quickly dispense of the rest, and Rick makes a pin cushion and goes nuts on the final guy.  Rick accepts after his horrific actions that this world has made a part of him a monster.  A bad ass monster, if I say so myself.

Michonne talks with Carl about how his dad isn't a bad person, and we've all been there.   The flashbacks to the farm show us the battle with being a good person, and being a killer that sometimes has to do terrible things to solve.  One thing is for sure, we know they will do whatever it takes to save the ones close to them.

We all knew Terminus was a bad deal.  I've been saying that they are cannibals, luring in their food.  We did see them run by a cage with bones and carcasses that I'm sure were human.  They herded the guys with gunfire to a point, then forced them into a cart.  They met up with a few other from their group.  Then Rick has the best quote to end the night, "They are going to feel pretty stupid, when they find out who they're screwing with."

The missing element they brought back was getting the group together and having us route for the underdog.  Terminus has no idea who they have on their hands.  Rick and the gang know they are dangerous monsters that when backed into a corner will stop at nothing to save one another.  This episode gets the viewer fired up, and wanting to see the group kick some ass.

Look out terminus.  You've got a can of whoop ass waiting to be opened.