Tree Lined Street

We lovingly called the tree on our boulevard the "Pee Tree", because it was the only tree we had that the dog could reach on his chain and he would go for it EVERY time.  Unfortunately, that particular dog AND the tree are gone.  The dog got old, the tree, not sure, but the City took it down and now we're left with the decision on what to do to replace it.  With this new program, we just may be partnering with the City to take on this task.  You can too and help restore our urban forest.  Here's how:

The City of Duluth knows the value of urban trees and is committed to planting trees in order to expand our urban forest. Their program is called Re-Leaf Duluth and allows residensts to share the cost of planting affordable boulevard trees.

If you have a boulevard (strip ofgrass between the street and sidewalk), and it is at least four feet wide, you may qualify for this program. Trees cost $25 and they even do all the work!  Trees would be planted by the City Forestry Crew.

The City will also provide tree stakes and mulch.  All you're asked to do as a homeowner is take responsibility for watering the tree during the first two years after planting. Watering each week during the first years after planting is critical to the survival of the tree.

Hurry, the deadline for ordering trees is August 15. (this is considered a donation)