Turn A Tree Stump Into A Table In An Hour
Have a stump that you can't pull out of the yard for one reason or the other? Here's an idea for you! We didn't want to dig up the yard to get the stump out, and this is near our fire ring, so I decided to make a table. Pretty easy! Tools you'll...
Superior Spring Cleanup Scheduled For Late April
With the unseasonably warm weather, we definitely have an early spring.  This weekend we spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the yard and gathering up some brush.  However, the dates for the Annual Spring Clean Up remain the same.    Here's the schedule.
My Endless Raking
I should call this post Spring Cleaning Part 2.   But that doesn't really sum it up as good as endless raking.  Because that's what it has been.  To catch you up to speed, we moved into our house during the winter.  The yard had been neglected for years...