Should Women Be Allowed in Combat? — Survey of the Day
Last week, the Pentagon decided open up thousands of near-the-front-line military jobs to female military personnel who were previously restricted from such roles.
Women are still banned from combat, although this move to put them closer to harm’s way has upset some, including Republican presidential…
Men Spend More When Women Are Scarce
Single men who perceive a shortage of available women are more likely to drain their bank accounts in an effort to make themselves appear more attractive to the fairer sex, according to new research on competition in the dating world.
Yes, Virginia, Women Really Are Catty with Each Other
Well here’s a whopping non-surprise: a new study reveals women aren’t always very nice to one other, primarily when other women are attractive.
Women recruited for a phony study by University of Ottowa professor Tracy Vaillancourt were interrupted by another woman walk…
Look Out Guys, Find Out How Women Can Use Our Hormones Against Us
Do men have mood swings?  Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of the Hormonology blog and coauther of 28 days, says that  while women usually experience hormone-induced mood swings on a monthly basis, men too are affected.  But can women manipulate us men by using our moods?  That's what she claims.  She …
Top 10 Jobs Women Find Sexy
Okay guys, if you are striking out with women perhaps a career change is in order.  Here are the Top 10 Jobs Women Find Sexy that can pay enough to keep you happy too.
Number 10: Doctor
Women always have and always will love a doctor. Why? Because you get respect. You know her body and you can fix he…
New Study Says Men Value Cuddling More Than Women Do
Who says men don't like to cuddle? Not the Kinsey Institute.
The group that studies human sexuality recently asked 1,009 heterosexual middle-aged and older couples in long-term relationships about how satisfied they are with their relationships and sex lives. The results may surprise you.

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