Easy Crock-pot Venison Stroganoff Recipe
So you've bagged your deer and you find yourself with a freezer full of venison.  What do you do with all this meat?  This is one of my favorite easy recipe for venison and it turns out great every time.
Hunter’s Delight Venison Taco Pie Recipe from Taste of Home
My daughter's birthday dinner was at grandma's house last night.  Corned venison was on the menu.  I didn't try it then, but took a baggie of it to work this morning so Ken could try it.  He MADE me try it too and ya know what???  It wasn't that bad, tasted JUST like corned beef.  With MN and WI dee…
Rainy Day Venison Crock Pot Recipe
Days like today, you just have to have a warm dinner.  It's also an excuse to use up some of that venison in the freezer with this recipe.  In fact, this is the only way I make venison steaks and chops anymore, because the family likes it so much.
Venison Meatball Recipe From Taste Of Home
One of the tough things about venison is not everyone likes it.  There's a few tips on making it taste "less gamey," but the best way is to make it good is to find a good recipe.  Here's one I think you should try from Taste Of Home.
Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Serve Venison At Their Wedding
Granted, wedding spreads are different depending on what part of the Country you're located in.  The fact that our deer hunting season is a big deal, you would think that we would have more brides and grooms doing what Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are serving.  Would you end up d…