Watch the New Trailer for ‘Thor: The Dark World’ [VIDEO]
I'll admit I like a good super hero movie.  I really like The Dark Knight series and The Avengers.  I also enjoyed the individual movies each character made leading up to it.  The movie I had the lowest expectations for was the first Thor.  I never followed Thor much as a ki…
A New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Is Released [VIDEO]
Like many little boys, growing up my three favorite heroes were Spiderman, Batman and Superman.  One of my favorite movie memories was going to see the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie at the Norshor Theater with my dad and sisters.
Watch The New Trailer for ‘Man Of Steel’ [VIDEO]
Superman is the next super hero to get a relaunch on the big screen and it looks like they're taking a cue from the Christian Bale era Batman with a more serious tone.  This trailer features Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, the man Superman would know as his dad on planet earth.  Yes, …

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