10 Reasons You Should NOT Move To Duluth / Superior
Make sure you share this with your friends and family that may be thinking about relocating to the Twin Ports.  People who move here often run into these problems that can really affect their life.  They may never be the same again.
Minnesota Pedestrian Slip Bridge Opens For The Summer
We are really, really, REALLY getting close to summer with the announcement that the blue Minnesota Slip Bridge is opening, Friday, May 1! It's official with the posting of the summer hours. That means we can expect more action in the Canal Park area soon!
6 Places To Visit For The Duluth Experience
I have some friends coming up to visit Duluth at the end of the month.  They asked me about where to stay, and what to see in the Northland.   I ended up putting together a list of must see places in Duluth.   See if you agree: