Bizarre Study Finds Drivers Try to Hit Animals [VIDEO]
It should be considered a brilliant leap in the telling of humanity whenever the real face of the human condition is exposed – especially when it exposes the wrath of cold-blooded rubber animal killers.
That’s what we said — rubber animal killers.
Turns Out There Is a Difference Between Dog People and Cat People
We’ve all made the assumptions about a person based on whether they own a cat or a dog. But do these stereotypes have any basis in real life?
The folks at set out to answer that question by polling nearly 200,000 pet owners on whether they have a cat or a dog and then crossing that informat…
Arsenic Found In Popular Juice Brands
I remember the controversy when this first came up, but now another study is showing the same scary result:
Arsenic has long been recognized as a poison and a contaminant in drinking water, but now concerns are growing about arsenic in foods, especially in fruit juices that are a mainstay for c…
Prominent Global-Warming Skeptic Becomes Believer After 2-Year Study
I doubt this will change many people's opinion, but it is interesting because it involves processing actual data.  When it comes to movies, music, politics and things of that nature I generally don't get too emotional about people's opinion as everyone has a right to their own.
When it comes to opini…
Should You Quit Taking Vitamins? Could They Be Shortening Your Life?
Have you heard of the study that found people who take multivitamins may actually be shortening their lives.  Sometimes you hear reports like this that are presented for shock value.  Then you dig a little deeper and realize the study may not have been as thorough as you'd like.  I have done my best…
Study Finds Webpages are Read By People in an F-Shaped Pattern
A new study by usability expert Jakob Nielsen reveals that when webpages are read, we read and scan the text in an F-shape.
Using eyetracking software, he found the first paragraph gets the most attention, making the top horizontal line of the F. The next paragraph only gets half the attention of the…

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