Amazingly Fresh Must-Make Salsa To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo
Not only is it Cinco De Mayo tomorrow, but it's also National Salsa Month!  Celebrate by making MY favorite salsa recipe.  I acquired this recipe from a good friend, Care.  I use to think that only purchased salsa would taste good, until I tried cantaloupe salsa, mango and peach …
Taste Of Home’s Garden Salsa Recipe
I have a favorite salsa recipe that I use all the time, now that I've tried THIS salsa recipe, I have two!
If you're having guests, or hosting a picnic for the Labor Day week-end, make this easy Taste of Home salsa recipe that will keep several guests busy while you're preparing the re…
New chili pepper crowned world’s hottest!
I like hot, BUT...not THIS hot!  Why do they continue to breed chili peppers so they are mega hot????  They say you'll need a chemical mask and a body suit if you plan on using this latest pepper to make salsa!