Recall Issued For Many Dehumidifiers That Start Fires
Bruce from Airserve came in today for our weekly segment.  This time he wanted to warn people about dehumidifiers that are catching fire.  Many different humidifiers from different brands share the same manufactured parts and electronics that are being recalled.  Check out the list an…
Survival Items Every Deer Hunter Should Carry With Them
Every time you go out in the woods, you should prepare yourself and assume you could be spending the night out there.  You could get injured, lost, or you may find yourself in another less than ideal situation.  Here's things every deer hunter should carry with them.
8 Currently Missing Teens From The State of Minnesota
According to the Center for Missing & Exploited children, there has been 8 cases of missing children in the last year in the State of MInnesota.  It just so happens that all of them are teenage girls.  Their families are looking for them, and it only takes us a few minutes to scan …
As Soon As The Weather Gets Nicer People Drive Like Idiots
Today was a legitimately nice day in the Northland.  Temperatures hit the 70s and it felt just nice.  The sun was out, I was driving back from an appointment in Carlton, when I nearly was taken off the road by a car that cut into my lane on I 35.  I shrugged it off, kept my cool and kept going.   Ju…

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