Pet License Questions Answered in the City of Duluth
I grew up in the country, we didn't need to register our dogs or cats there.  After several months of living in the City of Duluth my friend asked if I had a license for my pet.  WHAT?  Never had to before, so the answer was no.  Questions then came to mind, why, how, how much?  I hope this blog ans…
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Pandora
Pandora is a cute and lovable cat that we talked about this morning on the Breakfast Club.  Anna, lead adoption counselor, described Pandora as a very friendly cat.  And now, with the "9 lives 9 dollars' promotion, Pandora's fee is only 9 bucks!
Know Your Cat’s Limitations So They Don’t Bite You
Seriously?  What the heck is this.  Don't ask me why I was on the Mother Nature Network, but I was.  I think I clicked from one link to another, and then another, and then I saw this article.  "Why Does My Cat Bite When I Pet Her."  Our fussy little ca…
Miranda Lambert Picks Up Yet Another Stray Puppy
If it’s possible to become addicted to adopting animals, Miranda Lambert definitely has an addiction — and she might need rehab for the kind-hearted. According to the sassy songstress’ Twitter feed, she has welcomed yet another stray pup into the Shelton househo…

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