Forbes Magazine Says Packer Fans Are The Best In The NFL, Again
You see them in their Green and Gold, they display the names on their backs, Rodgers, Lacy, Matthews, and Cobb. Some finish that look with a foam Cheese Head Hat. Most of them can recite a Viking joke off the top of their head. They are the best fans in the NFL, according to Forbes Magazine.
See What These Kids Have To Say To Viking Kicker Blair Walsh
Sometimes kids learn what they hear and you always hear parents say, I don't like to cuss around my kids because I don't want them to pick it up. With the "Kick Heard Around The League", the one that got away from Minnesota Viking Kicker Blair Walsh this last Sunday, people have been mean …
It’s Not Easy Being A Vikings Fan
We've got to be cursed, right?   After Blair Walsh's missed kick yesterday and our loss to the Seahawks, you can't help but be crushed.   I really thought we had a chance this year.  I let my guard down.  I let hope creep in that this could be the year.  We went into halftime with a narrow lead, but…

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