Is Minnesota’s Moose Population Declining?
I can honestly say I've only witnessed a live moose in the wild once in my life.  It was just outside of Remer, MN on our way back from Walker.  He was standing in the ditch near the road lazily chewing his cud not really caring that we had stopped to gawk at him.  I guess we wer…
Hear the Call of the Moose at the Minnesota State Fair
There has been a 50 percent decline in the Minnesota moose population since 2010.  Moose in Minnesota are in trouble and, believe it or not, could disappear. If your going to the Great Minnesota Get Together, make sure to look for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
18 Pictures of Baby Moose, Just Because
Running into a full-grown moose in real life would be terrifying at worst, disconcerting at best. Running into a tiny baby moose, on the other hand, would be adorable. Who knew? Now you know. Enjoy these pictures of little moose calves.