Memorial Day Weekend TV Marathons
Every Memorial Day weekend, TV marathons flood our channels.  Whether it be military movies, popular cable reality shows, or movie marathons, it can make for a great weekend catching up on missed episodes of TV shows, or just being a couch potato.  Here's whats going on and what to wa…
Dog Crashes and Completes Half Marathon [VIDEO]
Dozer, a three year-old golden doodle, ran most of the Maryland Half Marathon last week.
Unbeknownst to his owners, Dozer broke free of his electric fence and joined up with the road race when its participants ran past his front yard -- which sat at about the five mile mark of the half marathon.
Time To Start Training for Grandma’s
Whether you are running the Fitger's 5K, the William A. Irvin 5K, Grandma's Half or Full Marathon, the time has come!  I can actually say I'm NOT a fair-weathered runner anymore.  I bundle up and run when it's below zero, and run in the rain (actually preferred because I stay cool).   If you ARE a f…