Chris Allen Tells His Story Of “The Ghost Painting”
I had this really strange dream. It felt so real that I couldn't shake it and had it on my mind all day long. So, when my sister asked me for an idea for a story, that she had to have, in order to paint a project for her college art class, I was ready to tell her this one.
What Was That? Duluth Paranormal Catches Something At Nopeming
This was something that was captured on a Kinetic Camera that you would use with your XBOX 360. Wasn't put into evidence. This is what is called a theoretic way of investigating. Sometimes it leads to more discoveries, sometimes it just leads to great footage like what you will see.
Girl Snaps Selfie Gets Photobombed By A Ghost
13-year-old Haley was having a fun day at the cabin with her brother and grandparents and took a selfie. When she went through the pictures later she couldn't believe what she had captured. In the back of the photo was an image of what appears to be a ghost.

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