Smart Phone Photo Location Threat Revisited [VIDEO]
This is kinda old news, but it's making the rounds again on Facebook and other social media.   If you take pictures and post them to Facebook on your smartphone, you may be giving away the location of where you live or where you took the photo.   This is especially frighteni…
4 Best David Drew Hacks on My Facebook
Every few months I'll log into my Facebook and shake my head in disgust as I see my  account has been hacked by David Drew.  The way it happens is that occasionally I'll forget to log out of my Facebook account on a computer in our studio.  Hours later, David comes in and cant resist the childish ur…
12 Parents Embarrassing Their Kids on Facebook
There's a funny thing about parents and technology. That being a majority of moms and dads are pretty tech unsavvy without the help of us internet-obsessed younger folk. And while parental struggles can be frustrating at times, their attempts to get in the techy loop are mostly just hilari…
How Do I Stop the Facebook Beeping Sound?
Has your computer made any strange pinging sounds today, but you can't figure out where it's coming from? The answer is probably Facebook. The world's most popular social networking site now makes a sound whenever you have a notification -- you know, for timeline posts, friend request…
Teen Arrested After Making Facebook Threats
Eric Rizley of Portage, Indiana was having a bad day. So the 19-year-old got on Facebook and started issuing threats. Unfortunately for him, that was actually a very, very bad idea. Now he faces criminal charges
Do You Want a Facebook ‘Want’ Button?
Thanks to Facebook, we can now "like" just about anything on the internet. But what if you more than "like" something you see on the Web? What if you "want" it too?
Soon there may be a special button for that.
Vikings vs. 49ers – Social Huddle
The Minnesota Vikings face their biggest challenge of the young season when the San Francisco 49ers visit Mall of America Field for a NFC match-up that has the potential to have a lot of Viking fans speaking their minds on social media, and you'll be able to catch all the action right here.
6 Unwritten Laws Of Facebook That You Probably Follow
I am intrigued with people's Facebook behavior.  It's  a big social experiment that you can watch unfold.  Facebook has become it's own world with it's own unwritten rules.  See for yourself if you find yourself obligated to do these things:

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