Survey Finds The #1 Fear Of Seniors Isn’t Death
Pfizer recently did a survey that would shake hopefully shake things up and have people talking about aging.  They asked questions about aging to a wide rang of people.  Perhaps one of the most surprising results was older Americans were more afraid of living in pain or losing independence than dyin…
Several People Receive E-mail From Dead Friend [VIDEO]
Jack Froese died in November of 2011 from heart arrhythmia.   Months after he had passed away, his close friend Tim received an e-mail that was short and quick, but only Jack and Time would know about the context.
Check out the other stories.  It will give you goosebumps.
5 Regrets Of The Dying, And How We Can Learn To Live A Fuller Life
This morning, I shared a blog I had found on the internet. It's from a nurse named Kelly Oxford that deals with making sick people who are dying, as comfortable as she can. I can't imagine how difficult that job would be.
According to her blog, she also has learned some valuable things th…
Watching TV For An Hour Shortens Your Life By 22 Minutes
A new study from some Australian scientists find that for every hour of watching TV, you lose 22 minutes of your life.  Well if you watch 6  hours of TV a day, you'll lose 5 years off your life.  That stinks.
I heard somewhere else that for each cigarette you smoke, you lose 10 mi…