Valentini’s Meatballs Now Offered At Target Field
The first time I went to target field I was impressed with all the food options.  A lot of them reflect the Twins Territory cuisine, like walley fingers, and now the Northland's own Valentini's Meatballs!  Pretty cool that the Twins include some our Northern Minnesota heritage!
One-Armed War Vet Wows Crowd by Catching Foul Ball [VIDEO]
“I thought I was going to catch the ball or go over the railing,” said Michael Kacer of the foul ball he caught at Yankee Stadium Friday.
The 29-year old vet had lost his left arm in Afghanistan, so he had nothing to brace himself with when he used his baseball cap as a gl…
Baseball Fan Rips Foul Ball From Hands of Woman [VIDEO]
After retrieving a foul ball that had been hit into the dugout, Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Melvin Mora flipped the ball into the front row of the stands.
His toss was intended for a young blond woman, who had the kind of look that would encourage a guy to give a girl a baseball.
Families Dogs Watch the Huskies Win at the Wade
It was a balmy 73 at game time, the smell of popcorn and hot dogs was in the air, the Huskies were warming up....and usually, I'm watching them (um, duh....male athletes)...but, this particular evening, my sights were set on all the four legged, tail-waggin', nose-to-the-ground dogs that w…

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