Could Bank Tellers Someday Become Extinct?
Many of us do our banking via ATM or other electronic means, but how would you feel if actual in-person tellers didn’t exist? A few banks are testing out new systems with the possible goal of making that idea a reality.
ATM Surcharges Could Be Waived With Commercials
I think I would rather watch a short advertisement on an ATM screen than pay a transaction fee, what about you?  That is the plan with this invention:
ATM users could soon be able to opt out of ATM surcharges by agreeing to watch an advertisement in the same amount of time it takes for a typical tra…
7 Dangers To Watch Out For When Using Your Debit Card
I believe debit cards are a better option than checks to pay for things and protect your privacy.  Think about it, a check has your account number in plain site across the bottom while a debit card has a random number across the front.  That being said, there are things you should do to help prevent…
Beware of Fake ATM Machines
It never ceases to amaze me.  All the new ways that creepy criminals are scamming us.  Why,  OH WHY, is common folk allowed to buy ATM machines?  What can come of that?  Seriously, I know homes that have pacman machines, pinball machines, even donkey kong...that's home …
Woman Gets Hand Stuck in ATM
A woman in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania gave new meaning to the phrase "sticky fingers" last week after she attempted to withdraw funds from an ATM.
But instead of a pocket full of cash, she wound up with her hand stuck inside the machine.