Here’s our Redneck Shooting Range at Night [VIDEO]
We were up at the hunting shack this weekend and we shot guns ALL DAY.  We shot hundreds of rounds.  We also shot a lot of archery.  The problem is that this time of year it gets dark a little too early.  So we made do with a couple sets of headlights.  Here's a quick v…
I Just Discovered The Coolest Deer Stand: The Millennium
I've had portable stands for deer hunting for years.  I've helped buddies haul them out in the woods, and they are heavy.  It's a real pain, especially if you're hunting on public land where you can't leave them out there.  This Millennium stand is a game chan…
This Video of an Archery Expert Has Left Me Speechless [VIDEO]
If you have ever shot a bow, ever wanted to, or ever seen anyone shoot a bow before, you have to watch this video!  This guy Lars Andersen has learned ancient techniques to become the most deadly man with an arrow on the planet.  He can even shoot incoming arrows and split them in half!&nb…
Wounded Dear Attacks Hunter in Wisconsin
It's pretty rare that a deer will take on a human being, but it did occur Friday night in Fon Du Lac County.  A 72 year old hunter shot a deer with an arrow from his crossbow and wounded the animal.   The animal ran off, but later he went to track the doe.

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