In what appears to be the ultimate in messy break-ups, a woman in Superior aired the [former] couple's dirty laundry in a yard near the intersection of 21st Street and East 9th Avenue. The sight caught the attention of passers by, prompting a couple pictures popping up on Facebook through the day and Superior Police and news teams appearing in the afternoon.

At the center of the scene was a green GMC Yukon with slashed tires and covered in graffiti with vulgar language. The yard was accented with a spray painted sign that read "X-Husband Sale" and the yard was full of items that presumably belong to the ex husband.

Our sister station's Tony Hart was on the scene, and observed that police had arrived around 4pm. The vehicle was removed from the property around 5pm; but at last check, the man's belongings were still in the yard.

Below are some photos from the scene - note that the nature of some of these photos may be graphic due to language.











All Photos by Tony Hart