This story has a little bit of a personal touch, because I've met this wonderful dog, Koko.  The story starts late last week where my Dad had agreed to watch a stray dog that had been found by one of his co-workers.  The co-worker one day opened her back door and found Koko (a yorkie) cold and shaking, pawing at the door.  A long story short, my dad had offered to watch the dog until the owner could be found.

I went over to visit, and immediately fell in love with this little dog.  She was very sweet, well mannered, and loved nothing more than to sit on your lap.  She seemed to be adjusting ok to living in a strange place.

My dad had been checking the paper for ads, or keeping his eye out for flyers, when yesterday the Superior Animal Hospital posted her picture and said she was a medical alert dog.  After seeing the picture, I realized it was her and called my dad right away.

He had already been notified and brought the dog to her owner.  The dog was a medical alert dog and would alert people that were about to have seizures.   It's truly amazing that a dog can sense that.  In fact the night before, Koko howled and ran over to one of the other, older dogs.  A few moments later, that dog (Bridgette) had a seizure.  (She's fine now.)

I'm sad to see the dog go, but happy that she's back where she's needed.

Here's a picture of me with Koko: