Timothy Urbanski, 49, of Superior was sentenced today for 10 years in prison resulting from charges for possession of child pornography.  After 10 years, the sentence includes a lifetime of supervised release.  Urbanski pleaded guilty to the charge on September 11, 2012, and learned his fate today in a Madison courtroom.  On July 25th, 2011, a citizen brought a cell phone into the Superior Police Deparment after she found child pornography on it.  The was given to her child by Urbanski with instructions to take pictures with it.  When Urbanski returned to retrieve his phone, the citizen told him she had given it to the police department.  Urbanski then went to the police department to claim his phone and admitted it was his.

Here's more from the Superior Police Department press release:

A search warrant was executed on the phone and seven child pornography

videos were found on it. There were also pictures of the defendant on it. A search

warrant was also executed at the defendant's home. Agents found three laptop

computers, at least five desk top computers, thumb drives, DVDs, CDs, and other

miscellaneous media. They also found a pink suitcase and a laundry basket that both

contained children's clothing and printed images of child pornography. Analysts found

more than a thousand images of child pornography on the items taken from the

defendant's home.

The defendant's sentence was increased because he possessed more than 600

images, he distributed images by e-mail, and he possessed images involving

prepubescent minors or minors who had not attained the age of 12 and sadism or

violence. In sentencing Urbanski to the maximum sentence available, Judge Crabb

found him to be a danger to children.