The most important thing you should know is that businesses that are affected by the construction ARE open.  There will be signs posted saying "No Thru Traffic", but getting to a business will be allowed.  Here's the skinny:

The City of Duluth's 2014 Street Preservation Project along Superior Street and 1st Street (between 40th Ave West and 46th Ave West) and along 40th Ave West (from I35 to Grand Ave) starts today.  The project will entail reconditioning the streets and include Mill and Overlay (on 40th Ave. W.) and Reclamation and Resurfacing (Superior St/1st St.).

Obviously, biking along this route is not suggested and I ran there recently and that is not only unsafe, but a hazard to my bad cankle too!!  Pick a different route until the project is completed.

Look for signs posted that say “No Thru Traffic” at all adjacent streets in the area.  However, if you wish to visit a businesses within the vicinity of the project you STILL will be able to get to it.

But, it IS construction and we need to let them do their jobs, so please be patient if you are delayed and using alternate routes is highly recommended.

They hope to be done by September 12, Northland weather permitting, of course.


The City thanks the public for their patience as we work to improve streets for safe transit by all users.