We get a lot of strange phone calls during the morning show.  Sometimes they are surprisingly fun, and sometimes they are kinda rude.  This one was a little rude.  We chuckled and figure it was just someone crabby and having a bad day.

We get song requests all the time.  A lot of our older listeners want to hear some really old songs.  We've had classical music requested for our morning show, we've had pop music, rock n roll and everything else you can image.  We play country music.  And if it's an older country song, the time to request it is with Chris Allen during Lunch With The Legends.  Or you can also e-mail cathykates@kkcb.com and she will play it for you on Saturday morning.

This woman wanted to hear a song that was older, and not country:

So you understand that I can't exactly play "Hit The Road Jack" on our morning show.  It's not really country, and if someone just turned on the radio, they would probably be confused and switch the channel.

I was trying to be nice, wasn't I?