As we continue to roll through the hottest stretch of the summer so far, stay cool inside with these 5 movies.






In the mood for a laugh?  Make sure to watch Bill Murray freeze while reliving the same day over and over in 'Groundhog Day'.



Feeling a bit twisted and want to solve a murder mystery?  Enjoy the Coen Brother's 'Fargo'.  We don't really talk this way, do we?



Want to visit a galaxy far, far away?  Watch the 'Star Wars' gang start out in a deep freeze in 'The Empire Strikes Back', which is still my favorite of all the Star Wars films. 



Want a great scare?  You must watch my favorite horror movie, John Carpenter's 'The Thing' starring Kurt Russell, which was released in 1982.  This movie is about an American research team stationed in Antarctica that discovers something.....



Want to get the kids involved?  Well, you know they will never get sick of watching  "Frozen".