This happened to a friend's daughter in Esko a couple years back and it made me sick with worry for my own child.  It's happened again, this time, on the Range. It's so sad that it has come to the public being wary of the people that are suppose to be protecting us, because some idiots are impersonating officers.  Teach your children how to respond SAFELY, if they are pulled over by an officer of the law.

As reported by the Hibbing Daily Tribune,  the St. Louis County Sherriff's Office is investigating a report of police impersonation.  It happened this past Saturday night about about 7:18p, near Biwabik.

According to a release from the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, two males in a small unmarked car reportedly used a dash-mounted police emergency light to stop a female motorist who was traveling alone on County Highway 4 in Biwabik Township five miles south of the city of Biwabik.

Fortunately, the woman became suspicious of the males' appearance and drove away without being pursued.  Also important to note, is that she shared the incident, so we can all be conscious of suspicious activity.

These are the safety tips I shared with my daughter if she was being pulled over.

  • Remain calm and call 911 to ask if there is an officer in your area, possibly pulling you over.  They radio dispatch when they begin to pursue your vehicle. If they say there is NOT, do not stop, do NOT get out of your vehicle and do NOT give the person your driver's license or any other personal information. (unless 911 has confirmed there is an officer pursuing your vehicle).
  • Drive to a well lit or populated area to pull over.  Leave room in the front of your vehicle to drive away, if necessary.  Don't box yourself in.
  • Make sure your doors are locked and only roll the window down a couple of inches.  Ask for proper identification.

Please pass this important information on through facebook, email, twitter, talk with your family, friends, especially your teen.