Earlier this year I found a show that I really enjoyed.  It's called "Sons Of Guns" and it follows Red Jacket firearms in Louisiana as they redefine what you can do with guns.

I'm a gun lover.  I own several guns and I love to shoot.  This show WAS right up my alley.  The first season they showed some pretty cool things: like "silencing" a shotgun,  mounting a shotgun on a wounded veteran's ATV, building a 1911 from a box of parts.   It was pretty awesome things.  The show must have started to catch on, because Discovery now has it running a full hour.  But now it's gotten over the top.

You can tell that everything is set up.  It's acting.  Whenever they come up with an idea, it sounds like it's scripted and came from some producer's head to make it a good show.  Here's an example.  They decided to make a machine gun with motorcycle handle bars.  How practical is this?  Sounds like the people at Discovery Channel wanted to cross-promote two shows.  Here's a clip from American Choppers where they build the gun with the Red Jacket team.

They've also got a little carried away with the reality show feel.  Will seemed like a pretty nice guy the first season, now he's flying off the handle and swearing this season.  Why?  Better ratings maybe?  And sorry Steph, I don't want to hear about your relationship problems on the show.  I want to see guns built.

Don't get me wrong, I still will watch the show, I just wish it was more "real" and no so much staged.  Get back to doing the practical applications that we saw Red Jacket do so well with in Season 1.