I know what you're saying, "Why would I smoke Walleye?"  Smoking a walleye would be like putting ketchup on prime rib.  Smoking fish is for the kind of fish that doesn't already taste good.  But guess what, smoked walleye is pretty darn good.

How did we get to the point of smoking walleye?  Here's the short story:

My friend Steve wanted to smoke some fish in his smoker that he hasn't used.   I told him next time I went out fishing and caught one, I'd bring it to him to smoke.   Turns out that I caught the above pictured 25" walleye.   I was about to release it because big walleyes like that aren't the best eating.   Good eater size is generally around 20" or less.  Then I remembered I told Steve I'd bring him a fish, so I took it back with me.

I cut the two filets off, leaving the skin attached.   He then added just a bit of olive oil and kosher salt and course ground pepper.   Using applewood, he smoked it for several hours.

It turned out great!  Very tasty, and probably one of the best smoked fish I've had.