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ALDI LiveGFree Gluten Free Pizza Sandwich Review
The single worst part of eating a gluten free diet is the lack of pizza options.  Not every place has gluten free crust, they are usually less than stellar, and usually cost a fortune.  When I saw the LiveGFree Pepperoni Pizza Sandwhich at ALDI, I thought it was worth a try.
How Much Does A Super Bowl LII Ticket Cost?
The Super Bowl is being played right in our backyard in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium. Are you thinking about going? Well save up your pennies because it is the ultimate sports event and for that you pay a price.
Ken & Lauren Campaign For Josh To Win Employee of The Month
Josh Koop is a fellow employee of ours here, and he really does a lot for other people. He's a great asset to have behind the scenes, but sadly he has yet to win employee of the month. He's always near the top of winning the voting, but has come up short.
Help Find This Missing Hermantown Man
The Hermantown Police Department is seeking the public's help in finding Christopher Manderfeld. He was last seen leaving his residence on November 10th.
Marcia Hale’s Famous Christmas Lights Opens Friday
Marcia Hale has been doing Christmas lights on Park Point for years, and it's become a tradition for many people to visit. According to a FB post, the ice candles are done and they are ready to open tomorrow.