I've been seeing this go through social media for quite some time now, and I thought I should probably figure out what this "Common Core" math is all about.  My kids may someday (I hope not for my sake) learn this method, so I should at least have an understanding.   And it's tough.  It goes against everything you and I probably learned as kids.

From what my purely novice understanding is, "Common Core" math works more with a sense of understanding math in general, rather than just memorizing rules.  Let' face it, remember back to your high school math classes and it was a lot of memorizing.  We usually didn't just ask why two negatives multiplied by together created a positive, we just did it.

Here's the best short example I could find of how Common Core math works:]

Ok, so you go a little further on YouTube and you find a gazillion videos on how ridiculous Common Core math is.  Here's a good one:


OK so obviously we're not getting the whole method here, but its an example, right?  I guess I'm confused, and I hope to GOD that my kids don't learn this, or Dad is going to be useless in helping out with homework.

Is it that we as parents are afraid that we've been doing it wrong?  Or is this just ridiculous?  The debate continues..