Today I went and voted in the WI Recall Primaries.  This was my first time voting in a few years, but seeing that I've finally settled down, picked my home, and decided to get more politically active I went out to vote.  I was surprised that at 3:30 PM there was a line at my polling place.  There was a steady line from the time I arrived to well after I left.  (I drove by again after running errands, as it was on my way home.)  I was searching the web about the recall when I got home and saw this story where some voters are being confused by the ballot.

The unusual rules of Tuesday's historic recall primary election are creating some confusion among voters throughout southeastern Wisconsin, according to local election officials.

In most primary elections, voters have to decide whether they're going to vote for all Republican or all Democratic candidates.

But in Tuesday's recall race, voters can cast a ballot for a Republican in one race and a Democrat in another. And that is leading to some problems with overvoting — where voters wind up voting for more than one candidate in a race.

I'll admit, I did actually have to read the instructions a second time to make sure I got it right.  I didn't think it was that difficult, I just wanted to make sure I got it right, because this was a different ballot than I had been used to.   I can see how some people could have gotten confused.  Let's hope this doesn't turn into a controversy.

On another note, I have never seen such a split between people in a state.  Even as I was standing in the polling line, people were beginning to argue about the Governor.  Two people in front of me were casually making small talk, and eventually turned into a loud discussion about how legitimate the recall petition was.  One I assume was Republican, the other probably a Democrat, and both after about 30 seconds quit talking and become very quietly outraged.  Thankfully they kept their calm and it didn't escalate.

After leaving the polls, I was driving through Superior and saw signs in one yard saying "I Stand With Scott Walker," and in the next yard, "Reclaim Wisconsin, Recall Walker."  That has to cause some frayed relationships with neighbors.  If the signs I've seen around town are any reflections of what the recall election results will be, it will be a close one.